Abhainn Ri Farm

Image“Just imagine a lake at the bottom of your lawn while you freely wander through
golden meadows with the relaxing sounds of trickling steams, farm animals and
birds chirping. You can return to enjoy lovely traditional Irish breakfast Abhainn Ri
soda bread and free range eggs.

What a superb relaxing way to wake up and enjoy your self catering holiday in Ireland

Enjoy a variety of farm activities at Abhainn Ri farm from collecting free range eggs to helping to feed the farm animals or simply taking a wander through the fields and enjoying the stunning views and the peace and quiet. Take a step into the heart of Wicklows countryside and enjoy a holiday at Abhainn Ri.

Every morning farmer Joe takes everyone to feed the small farm animals. The children (and some adults) are given small feeding buckets. Firstly the hens and ducks are feed and watered. The tiny goats Ban & Dubh are then taken some feed in though the
tiny green gate. Everyone thens goes to the farm yard to feed the pigs and baby
chicks. The donkeys are last but very funny and welcoming A great family fun
time. Of course not to forget buz our faithful sheep dog.

Watch our horse Maude dance along the fields and attract you with their elegant beauty or meet our odd collection of chickens while collecting your own eggs (Try find the
blue egg).

View the funky Jacob sheep and cute lambs roam in their multi-coloured woolly coats and curly horns.

Our guests favourite the donkeys “Paisti, Peig, Pog agus Peadar” our very Irish pets and see them jump and roll when presented with a carrot.

See the busy-body lazy cows with their calves grazing on our lovely green pastures.

Or simply walk among the streams and wood to view the wild creatures living there such as rabbits, foxes and pheasants.

Abhainn Ri is a very unique farm holiday location and only one hour to Dublin City.




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